Cat Eye

A classic eyeliner can be molded into countless versions where only your imagination sets the stop. ELLUI shows three variants in which a liquid eyeliner from H & M has been used. The trick is to practice, practice and practice to make the wing right. There are various tools of eyeliner that can be used to put an “cat eye” make-up. Liquid, as used in this story, pencil and a cake of paint applied with a brush. For an inexperienced user can cotton be your best friend to form the line to the desired shape.

Here has a thin eyeliner been painted in the style of a classic and more casual look. The inspiration is mainly taken from the ’60s and pop culture.

This makeup is inspired by the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, where the wing is made ​​up in a straighter and wider form than a traditional “cat eye”.

A more dramatic variation can be created by painting the whole eyeliner broader where the wing is painted like the half of a triangle.

Model: Sofie Nyholm
Styling, make-up and photo: Anette Hagelin

Hairstyle guide- Glam rock

Hairstyles like the rest of the style within the subculture Glam breathe decadence and rebellion.

Glam Rock music that emerged in the early 70s in England is associated with the startling style in which the clothes , hairstyles and makeup never seems to have heard the phrase ” less is more” . Hairstyles as well as the style is androgynous and cross dressing and makeup is commonplace. The whole lifestyle is usually spoken of as “camp” . It is difficult to talk about a particular hairstyle that represents the subculture but like the clothes they are often sensational, large, often colored hairstyles that is occurring . The hair length is often long and released . The genre reached its peak in the mid -70s with bands like T.Rex and David Bowie. In the U.S. , it was partly the band New York Dolls and the artist Lou Reed who was associated with the culture. Glam rockers are not afraid of color or glitter which is also reflected in the hairstyles like David Bowie’s red 70s hairstyle testify of . The androgynous subculture has influenced many genres of music both with the music and style, such as punk, new romantic, goth and ’80s glam metal .

Photo: Tumblr dead-to-sunshine, AVRO Wikimedia Commons

The film Velvet Goldmine is a cavalcade of dreamy Glam rockers in 70’s London.

Hairstyle guide- Punk

Photo: Rainer Theuer Wikimedia Commons

Mohawk / Mohican is the hairstyle that primarily is associated with punks. The startling comb occurs in all colors and sizes .

The hairstyle involves shaved sides with a line of saved hair at the middle of the head that can be worn up as a mohawk . There are both straight continuous lines and versions of several spikes. The name that derived from the North American indigenous Mohawks are really to some extent misleading because the hairstyle is more similar to that used by the Pawnee tribe . The hairstyle has been used in various versions in many parts of the world way back in history , but began to be associated with punks in England during the 1970’s. The hairstyle has traditionally been associated with warriors. They used the hairstyle in order to intimidate their opponents which is probably the reason that punks took on this hairstyle . Depending on the length and version you have of the Mohawk it requires different amounts of effort and time to maintain the hairstyle . To get a high mohawk standing , one can use various tricks , such as to backcomb it, use lots of hair spray, gel and egg whites . Opportunities are only limited by the imagination. Punks uniform does not differ significantly between the sexes and the same applies to their hairstyles. The Mohawk is just one of many hairstyles that punks can wear, but it must be said to be the most recognized one.

Photo: Bild 1: Tim Schapker Wikimdia Commons, Bild 2: Bengt Nyman Wikimedia Commons, Bild 3: Rutto noise from Frankfurt Wikimedia Commons, Bild 4: Libertinus Yomango Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Ester Inbar Wikimedia Commons

Hairstyle Guide- Panda

Panda, which is part of the subculture genre pop, was a phenomenon that appears to only have existed in Sweden.

It was in the late 90’s that this youth culture emerged, but even today it is possible to see a few of these pandas, mainly at Emmabodafestivalen or any tribute to Broder Daniel. Unlike other youths belonging to the pop culture pandas style are more sophisticated, where black and white with a touche of red makes the color scale. As the culture is inspired by the 60’s the hairstyles consist of large, perfectly teased hair. Of greatest importance is that the hairstyle should be smooth and it should certainly not look disheveled out. Just like the 60’s bob, the hairstyle consists of a straight fringe or a broad oblique fringe. The color of the hair, is just like the clothes, black or icy blond.
Even guys can be pandas, then the hairstyle usually is like the girls, with the same hair color but with shorter hair and a broad oblique fringe.

Photo: Tumblr fuckyeahurbantribes, fuckyeahpoppare

Hairstyle Guide- Mod

For a Mod everything from clothes, hairstyles to attitude is of importent. Typically is classy and manicured hairstyles but in different variations.

This style of clothing is dressed in tailored suits and the hairstyle in the same stylistic range of the male mod. Some different hairstyles a male mod might cut is a short cut round hairstyle in which the hair is combed forward to a very short fringe called “The Caesar cut” . A similar hairstyle is equally cut short “The French crop” with the difference that the fringe are a little longer and can be pulled slightly to one side.
A female Mod can also cut different hairstyles where some examples are “The pixie cut ” where the hair is a very short hair cut . Often the hair of the back and sides of the head is shorter than the top resulting in a messy long fringe. Imagine Twiggy . Another very characteristic Mod hairstyle is the 60s Bob, either with straight, short cut fringe or a thick oblique fringe .
Typical for both sexes are classy hairstyles with a polished hairdressing work that is essential to a genuine Mod. As the subculture emerged in the 60’s , it is obvious that it is a 60’s fashion which is the prevailing stylistic inspiration .

Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Tumblr Love-comes-to-everybody, Glasgowmods Wikimedia Commons

Hairstyle guide – Goth

Subcultures or youth cultures has been a big part of our society since the 1950s . Hairstyles have played its role in the different cultures uniforms.

Regardless of how the kids have looked, they have always stood out against the mainstream culture or their parents’ generation, which has been their meaning. Clothes , hairstyles, and other common symbols have represented their disapproval and contempt for the political and commercial. Often, different subcultures existed next to each other, even if they stylistically looked different, the different groups have created community through uniform like clothing styles . A desire to be unique has at the same time become a way to be part of another community where unwritten social rules also exist. Proper cultural capital of music, brands , hairstyles , etc. is essential for not to be considered  a ” wannabe ” . It is important to be regarded as genuine to be accepted in the various communities. Hairstyles ,as mentioned earlier , is part of the subculture uniform. This month’s theme is “With the ​​hair in focus” which means that we have digged deep in the hairstyles that existed and what impact they had, among mods , glam – rockers , skinheads , panda – poppers , punk and goth . The first article delves into goths startling hairstyles. »

Photo: Anette Hagelin

Stylistically, goth a mix of punk, new wave and horror . Hence the hairstyles could look different . However, it is difficult to single out specific female and male hairstyles because the subculture is androgynous . Goth subculture emerged in the late 70’s but may be said had its heyday in the ’80s with the club Batcave in London as a mecca where both music and fashion style flourished . That culture is derived from the 80’s is seen on the hairstyles that are far from modest. Frequently hairstyles are great backcombed black colored or bleached hair , inspired mainly by Siouxsie Sioux . Later, the Batcaves house band Specimen influenced hairstyles whit a new form of the mohawk, called the deathhawk. The difference between the two is that the deathhawk is wider and backcombed. There is also common to leave the sideburns left on the shaved sides of the head. Shorter, messy hairstyles a la Robert Smith of The Cure is also a common hairstyle . Large , backcombed and the  80s may summarize goths hairstyles.

Photo: Anette Hagelin
Photo: Anette Hagelin

Color on the hair map this fall

Photo: Kate Lee

Salon Stockholm and ALLILON’s show inspired with the autumn collection based on stylish haircuts and cool colors.

Last weekend Salon Stockholm premiere opened the doors to an event in collaboration between Michael Bindefeld AB and the Swedish Barber Enterprises. The Barber Fair were organized with inspiring showcases from various giants in the industry and a number of shows of various kinds.
ALLILON, a London based team of hairdressers, showed up this autumns playful collection in collaboration with the colors of the Italian brand Davines. With a focus on cutting and coloring, they managed to stand out and create asymmetric undercuts and playfully dominant color effects – a show that came to be highly appreciated since a lot of shows lately have focused on styling.
– It’s all about the cut,  ALLILON’s one owner Johnny Othona says.
With that said, we are reminded that hair is an accessory that we carry with us every day, and that we should cherish it. A properly cut hairstyle rarely passes by unnoticed and with something as simple as a color effect, we can create dot over the ‘i’. For those who want to experiment with care we can recomment COLOR SMASH, a make up for the hair that easily can be washed away by one wash. Or else you have Davines conditioners with color pigments that stays in the hair for up to 6-8 washes. Those who desire a more permanent color from Davines can also visit the salon Svartensgatan 7 on Södermalm in Stockholm.

Photo: Kate Lee
Photo: Kate Lee
Photo: Kate Lee
Photo: Kate Lee

Shineless by &OtherStories

Embrace the unisex trend with matte nail polish.

An increasing number of contexts around the fashion industry embraces the recurring trend of unisex. Clothes Collections without gender roles adorn many, storefronts, while today’s independent woman and metrosexual guy playfully test themselves up in different styles and attitudes.
A store that comes with the hog is the H&M Group’s fledgling darling – &OtherStories. Although the shop signs for feminine fashion, it is not uncommon for men to seek out the shop for accessories, shoes, garments and beauty products. The cuts are simple, the quality high and the range unique.
In the series of new articles is top coat “Matte” which easily brushed directly on top of already applied nail polish. A unisex touch on something.

matte nailpolish cool other stories IMG_62244

Red is sweet, yellow is fun, blue is …

The Italian hair care brand Davines has a series of shampoos and conditioners that contain color pigments. They are perfect to use to keep a nice tone between coloring the hair and are suitable for both colored and uncoloured hair. The result will be more powerful if you use the conditioner and lighter hair will have a clearer effect. The color is gone after 2-5 washed, depending on how long the product is in the hair. It is available in silver, gold, copper, brown, red, and tobacco.
ELLUI have tested the products, and the red series has become a favorite. A blonde hair easily gets a pink touch, while a brown hair gets a red glossy shimmer.

Different ways to use the products:

1. Children can gently color a highlight
2. Apply only conditioner on the ends and you’ll get a temporary ombre. Blondes can apply the brown conditioner in the roots and get a temporary darker outgrowth.
3. Would blondies get light pink hair for a while it is recommended that you mix the red conditioner with ordinary conditioner before applying.
4. The silvery series helps cold blond hairs to keep away the golden pigment that easy comes up in the sun.

Davines products are sold the salon Svartensgatan 7 in Stockholm or here.

Photo: Kate Lee
Photo: Davines

Sätt färg på vardagen

Sätt färg på vardagen med ögonbryn i regnbågens alla färger eller låt dem glittra som en discokula. 

För att liva upp den trista gråa vardagen eller göra festen lite färggladare så är ögonbryn i färg ett fantastiskt lätt sätt att göra det på. Varför inte måla dem i din favoritfärg eller kanske sminka dem i glitter? Bland olika subkulturer så har färgade ögonbryn ofta varit ett vanligt inslag, speciellt bland synthare där hår i olika galna färger har matchas med lika spexiga ögonbryn. Men även utan en extrem hårfärg sätter lite färg på ögonbrynen även den gråaste mus i fokus. Att måla ögonbrynen är inte svårare än att använda sig av en sminkpenna i den valda färg man önskar, för att slippa en hård form så rekommenderas att sudda ut färgen. Beroende på hur mörka eller ljusa ögonbryn man önskar kan användning vid glitter ske på redan målade ögonbryn eller på helt naturella. Så ut och sätt färg på världen!

Photo: Anette Hagelin