ELLUI A/W 16 – Space BoHo

ELLUI A/W 16 – Space BoHo

 Imagine a Japanese inspired, somewhat bohemian, Scandinavian riding in outer space among star dust, comets and metals… sort of?

Photografer: Julia Dansarie
Make-up: Kate Karlsson
Styling: Kate Karlsson
Models: Liza Grolleman, Odd Wiking, Matej Brzovic

Beard People

Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie

ELLUI Salon S/S 15


SOFO FUSION – the team behind ELLUI Salon presents their collection for S/S 2015 which is describes as “Swedish fashion in the meeting with the Japanese manga”.

Photo: Anna Janerås
Hair: ELLUI Salon (Kate Lee, Liza Grolleman, Caroline Bagge, Mika Kangärde)
Creative Director: Kate Lee
Make Up: Sofia Häggbom
Models: Hans Tang, Agnes Jarl, Miriam Berhan, Johanna Berhan

Welcome, Sofia Häggbom!

New blog @ ELLUI


We are proud to present Sofia Häggbom as a new member of the creative ELLUI family. She is a 20 y.o happy chic from Stockholm who describes herself as a “self-taught makeup enthusiast”.
– One of the best things I love to do is to try out new products and play with makeup.
In the blog we will get to know her through her beauty relationship with her face where daily basic make-up does not exist since she clearly votes for the quote “all or nothing”. As Kate Lee’s latest student to become a hairdresser we also hope to see her during her creative development with hair. Read her blog here!

In a first taste we asked her to list 10 favorites from the makeup bag:

1. Glitter Liners from Sephora
– Nothing becomes completed without glitter! It suits for everything. 

2. Lipstick from Lime Crime and Melt Cosmetics
– My favorites! Funky colors are always a good choise.

3. Make Up Forever Ink Liner
A floating, dull and jet black eyeliner.

4. Urban Decay Primer Potion
A primer to apply on the eyelid before the shade and/or glitter. The durability is maximized and makes colors more vivid.

5. Inglot Freedom System Palette
– This is my favorite palette for the moment…

6. NYX blush
– Contours and blush gives shape, color and life to your face. Here is one of my most used right now.

7. House Of Lashes Lash Adhesive
Latex free glue that sits until you choose to remove it.

8. Fransar från House of Lashes och Sugarpill
Nothing puts icing on the cake as good as a pair of eyelashes!

9. Make Up Forever HD Foundation
The key to a good make-up is a beautiful base. This foundation lasts all day and is created to be perfect even for HD camera.

10 . Mac Fix+
The perfect fixation spray moisturizes and “locks” make up to stay fresh all night.

Step by step – fishtail braid

Which hairstyle is quickly done, simple and suitable for both beach life and glamorous party? The fishtail braid of course! Here in a helping step-by-step guide for all newbies.

Model – Astrid Wesström
Stylist, hair and make-up – Kate Lee
Photographer – Julia Dansarie

The perfect hair – step by step

Do you spend time and money on going to the hairdresser? Or do not you put down that much money and time at all but wish your hair was finer and more easily to style? Many times we take shortcuts in our daily lives and most severely affected are often the hair. As a hairdresser you often meet clients who put much money on a nice haircut and color, but do not understand the importance of good products once you will take care of it at home. Likewise, we all have a friend who complains about her hair but still does not go to the hairdresser, who occasionally cuts herself and throw in a cheap color full of bad metals and chemicals in the hair.
To overcome all mistakes that can happen, ELLUI’s hairdresser and fashion stylist Kate Lee have made an 7-step guide that gives you tips and knowledge towards a more beautiful and healthier hair.

1. Wash it right
Do not shampoo earlier than every third day and make it 2-3 times once doing it. Water dries out your hair and by going from every second to third day you’ll save 60 washes per year. Kérastase has a wide range of highly developed products adapted to all qualities and scalps . Do you wash every third day and apply a coin amou per wash the product will last for at least six months.

2. Boost with cermider
Cermider is a molecule that enters hair like cement and pieces together broken hair. Shu Uemuras  Ultimate Remedy Mask is a true cermid boost. It lasts up to five washes and leaves a stronger hair than you can imagine. Leave in for 5 minutes on towel-dried hair. No conditioner is needed after use.

3. Go smooth with oil
Shu Uemuras hair oil Essence Absolute Oil come in oil and cream form. Cream is recommended for extra dry hair. It contains cermider, goes deep into the hair and leaves no greasy surface. Apply to damp hair but also in dry ends between washes.

4. Stay away from tangles
If you have a long hair, it is important to comb it properly, morning and evening. Sleep with a braid  so your hair do not chafe around the bedclothes at night. To reduce the risk to comb it violently we recommend ghd detangling comb.

5. Stop snag it
Do you put your hair up often? Then the hair bands from Blax is something for you. They are “snag- free”, which means that they do not rub the hair.

6. Longlasting ang gentle styling
Do you like to style your hair? Then a ghd styler is something for you. Straight, wavy or curly –  it gives your hair a lasting result thanks to a built-in microchip that holds a steady temperature of 185 degrees. If higher than 204 degrees, you burn the outer layer and your hair gets a direct damage. Temperature lower than 185 does not give a long lasting results. Be sure to use heat protection. Curl Hold from ghd delivers incredible lasting curls.

7. Sun block
If you spend time outdoors in strong sunlight, the hair will be damaged and color fading lighter. With the help of Kérastase Soleil series, you get a direct UV protection for your hair. The product aqua-seal is water resistant and ideal for those who love to swim.

Paint all colors in a breeze

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get out of the winter’s dark cover – preferably in color from head to toe where the nail and makeup can take unified expression.

Nail industry innovator. So sustains the inclusion of Charlotte Knight, the woman who in 2008 founded the nail polish brand Ciaté – whose name is an abbreviation of the company’s watchwords color, innovation, aspiration, trend and extraordinary. The ergonomic and beautiful bottles are available in a range of 115 colors. All without what they call the “nasties” – harmful substances as formaldehyde, dibutyl phtalat, camphor, toluene and resin.
In the range we also meet Caviar Manicure – the world-renowned success that since 2012 have made startling shapes on nails around the world and at launch had a waiting list of 42,000 customers. Small beads in any color applied to the nail for an innovative and luxurious 3D expression.
Do not miss Speedcoat – the top coat which is said to have the nail polish dry in 60 seconds. Albeit darker and more pigment rich varnish always takes more time, it still helps to a faster drying.
Their Nail Polish Remover is available in four scents of chocolate – mint, orange, white or dark. A plus for the fact that the acetone smell is gone and the content of C and B5vitamin. A minus for the packaging in glass.
This spring the launch the kit of Flower Manicure. In addition to nail polish and top coat, you get genuine, dried and pressed flowers, tweezers, file and detailed description of application. Let the summer blossom and take shape!

Photo & Make-up – Emma Burendahl
Stylist & Hair – Kate Lee
Model – Agnes Jarl
Nails – Ida Tjernberg
Hairaccessories – WOS

© ELLUI 2014 – All rights reserved

In the middle of the forehead

Mariam Adam, 24, shares her thoughts about her bangs, hairdresser horror and top tips for sustainable styling


After a look at your Instagram, @mariamsamsam, we have seen cool and inspiring pictures of your bangs. Where do you get your hair inspiration from?
– On Tumblr. There I can sit for hours and surf. This is where I find the inspiration for the most part, both in clothing and beauty .
Your bangs are dyed in various shades of purple. What have you used to color?
– I’ve been using Revlon Nutri Color Creme in Burgundy with White platinum but also Directions in Lilac with White Toner. Directions colors are my favorites, they are easy to work with and I have never been disappointed with the results.
What are your favorite colors?
– Purple and black.
Where you go for a haircut?
– I went to a hairdresser the first time to bleach and cut my bang triangular so that I could get a good base. Then I cut and dyed it myself. Once you’ve taken the plunge, it is not so scary anymore.
How does your bang looks like in future?
– Right now, it’s blonde, just like the rest of my hair.
How do you style your hair and bang? What products do you use?
– A good blow dryer and round brush are my best friends when it comes bangs. Heat protection and hairspray is the best products for the bangs to stay in the right place.
To all those who sit at home and like bangs , but not dare to cut one – do you have any tips you ‘d like to share ?
– Do you feel the impulse – do it! If you can’t decide there will often be too much pressure and decision anxiety. My personal mantra is that the hair always grows back. From having a hairdresser horror it has helped me to take a distance. If you do not like the results, well then you know. Do not let fear hold you back, it is after all just a little hair.
If you cut yourself with a hairdresser, make sure it is someone you trust and feel comfortable with . Go with your gut. If it feels wrong during your consultation, you have no obligation to sit in the chair and implement cutting. I regret the times I’ve been there though it felt all wrong. If I have good chemistry and feel safe with the hairdresser, the greater is the chance that I will be satisfied.
When it comes to hair and style, who inspires you?
– I am a real cameleont in terms of style and inspiration, and it is often lots of things at once. Right now I’m very inspired by Thierry Mugler’s collections from the 90’s, Prince, Cyber ​​Grunge, Soft Ghetto and Mexican gang culture.

The product for dry and static hair

The cold of winter dries out hair, lips and skin. But with a good hair oil, you easily get back a strong and healthy hair.

The skin is peeling. The lips crack. The hair feels static and difficult to style. Once winter has arrived it’s time to take care some more. Therefore we would like to remind you of using hair oil the next time you are applying lip balm or body lotion.
Which of all oils should you use then? We would like to recommend Elixir Ultime from Kérastase. It is, in addition to a product of high quality, appointed as one of this year’s favorite products during ELLE Awards 2014. It is suitable for all hair types and it goes easy in to the hair no matter if your hair is thick or fine, curly or straight.
Thanks to the ability to pump out the product you don’t risk to overdose. Depending on hair length, apply 1-4 pumps in damp, freshly washed hair. When it’s wet, hair is more open and the oil will go deeper in than if it is applied to dry hair. Depending on how often you wash your hair and how dry it is, you can decide whether to apply once or twice between washes.
What then is the difference between oil and oil, and oil and silicone drops? A good oil is not too oily and goes easily and smoothly into the depth of the hair. It is free of silicones, whose sole purpose is to make the hair look shiny at the same time as it settles like a plasticky and drying film outside. The oil on the other hand leaves the hair with a natural look, as long as you do not overdose. It strengthens the cuticle and makes the hair stronger. A strong hair lives longer and are not as easily broken.

Right now you can find the product here for 30€ . Ord. price is 40€.

Hairstyle guide- Skinhead

The subculture of skinheads is an extension of the Mods and the Jamaican culture Rude boys who emerged in the 60’s .

It is one of the few youth cultures that have a multi-ethnic background. Main characteristic of a skinhead is the shaved or close-cropped head. The style is hard exaggerated markers that refer to the British working class . Skinheads, which was originally a non-political subculture developed into both left wing followers called Sharp but also supporters of the National Democratic branches. But still today lives the apolitical branch of the subculture. The close-cropped skull derives also from the English working class since many of the workers worked in the steel industry and therefore shaved off their hair to not get caught in the machines. When a shaved or cropped cut is the male skin main characteristic, some female skins have a hairstyle called “Chelsea ” or ” feathercut ” . In the early skinhead culture skin girls had a mod inspired hairstyle but that later also developed in these two models. This hairstyle involves a cropped-cut scalp where hair remains as the fringe, in the neck and over the ears.

Photo: Picture 1,2,4: PSICO--MOD Wikimedia Commons, Picture 3: nicksarebi Wikimedia Commons