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Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie

Lil blue fish of lille


From London to Paris has Debbie Boon-Allard created her jewelry brand with her own techniques and inspiration from nature and gemstones. She wants to keep it small and qualitative instead of being drawn into mass production. ELLUI is the first ones in Sweden to introduce Lil blue fish of Lille.

You can with four sentences tell us about your design?
– I would describe my brand as serendipity because it began as a miracle and various intuitive techniques that I put together. My brand or products tell alot about my inner state of happiness, “Etre Heureux comme un poisson dans l`eau-“, it feels right and it attracts the right people. It is a brainchild of London`s oldest handcraft market, so I do not attempt to change the brand into mass production. It was only three sentences, but I think it says a lot about my design.
What’s the story behind that little special name The Lil` Blue fish of Lille?
– It is a mix of serendipity and a fun play of english words. A 10 year old boy from Lille (whom i married 20 years later) found a cute little blue Lapis Fish bead but never got to fix it on his chain.That was my first assignment before my self taught jewellery adventure began. For the first 3 months i was getting busy with sales at the London Portobello market without a brand name. Then one day came a very special occurence, a little boy with his aunt on his trip to London, bought his first present for his mom from my stall. He is the perfect imagination of that same boy who bought the blue fish 20 years ago. I couldnt believe with my ears; that this boy,at that time was exactly 10 years old and also comes from Lille! So Lil` blue fish of Lille it was.
What would you say was your biggest inspiration for your latest collection?
– The biggest inspiration for my latest collection is the dancing leaves of an Indian summer in October. I have my workbench by the window with alot of sunlight beaming through the mornings.The leaves where dancing so gently so I had to create the most natural form of leaf to focus the beauty of gemstones.
What is a perfect day according to you?
– A perfect day is when the sun is shining on my face while I’m creating something. It is always the assurance that I’m doing something right. So yes, a sunny day or when I’m not a workaholic a day out with my husband.
What are your goals and dreams for your design?
– My dreams and goals, hmm let me think. I am happy that I am already in a way living my dream by having customers from all over the world that when they buy my product in London will bring a memory of me to take home. So the goal is to continue to invent timeless design that can be enjoyed in many parts of the world.

Lil blue fish of Lille is available at ELLUI Salon

Pearly-dewdrops’ Drop

Playlist September -15

Back to the routine after the summer, resulting in a Spotify playlist for September including much english, 80s electronica and more. Little new but mostly old favorites that always works. Now we are looking forward to fall and much of the new music that always released during that time.

Minimalism, classicism and Nordic design

Stockholm guys Erik Paulsson, Johan Lidstrom and Johan Paulsson are the names behind the newly founded watch brand ALTONA. Having grown tired of not finding a watch in their taste at an affordable price, they took matters into their own hands and created their dream watches on their own.

Can you with four sentences tell us about ALTONA?
– We who founded ALTONA are all very interested in watches and was recently tired of not being able to find a sleek and stylish quality watch at an affordable price. So we took matters into our own hands and started our own watch brand in which minimalism, classicism and Nordic design has become the foundation of our style concept. Although the clocks in our first collection is only 8 mm thick, they are also robust thanks to the case of stainless steel and sapphire glass. It also means that our watches are adapted to be carried to all the day’s activities whether you are in a deckchair on the beach, is on the way to work or standing in the bar at 02.
What is the story behind the name? What does ALTONA means?
– In Vasastan in Stockholm during the 1700s and 1800s was a classic inn named Altona that for example Bellman used to visit regularly. The inn was just in the border region at Stockholm and was frequented by travelers who traveled in and out of the city – so it was a lively place with an abundance of different types of visitors. Unfortunately, the inn has been demolished since about 100 years ago but the history of the place made us choose the same name and therefore its still in some extent lives. In our opinion, it is an incredibly beautiful name that also is extremely good in your mouth when you pronounce it! Our office is also quite right at the site of the old inn, which enhances the feeling.
The watch industry seems like a tough industry to break into. How where you thinking when you decided to start designing watches?
– We had been thinking about this a long time and finally decided to take the step because we thought we could bring something new and good. Competition is always present but it’s not really something that we feel constrained by. We do what we think looks good, what feels right and what we think our customers will like.
How does the future look like? Is there a desire to develop more collections?
– We are very satisfied with our current watch models but of course we have a lot of ideas about other types of designs and visual expression. At the current time, we have a number of ideas that we believe will bear fruit in the not too distant future.
Where would you say that the main inspiration comes from?
– A lot comes from our environment and from the places we have visited. Especially Stockholm with its architecture and proximity to the water; the often harsh but beautiful Nordic landscape and climate; and also different urbane people with colorful personalities that we have meet in our lives.
Who is a typical ALTONA customer, would you say? Who should wear your watches?
– An open and curious person who prefer a timeless, clean and minimalistic clock.

Instagram: @altonawatches
Available at ELLUI Salon and Webshop

Hello Autumn

Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie
Photo: Julia Dansarie

Johanna Metsalo – Sustainable fashion

Johanna Metsalo is the freelance artisan who since fall 2014 designs and sews clothes from secondhand fabrics to offer the consumer an alternative to the wear-and throwaway society that exists today.

Can you with four sentences tell us about your design?
– My brand sells clothes that I sew of second hand fabrics and which I buy from various thrift stores in Sweden. The basic idea behind the brand is to develop and offer clothes that have been produced in a fair way, both for me as a producer and for the environment. I try to use what already are available to create cool, unique, timeless clothes. My brand stands for sustainable consumption and slow fashion.
How do you see the fashion industry from a consumption-critical perspective? Do you work consciously trying to be an antithesis?
– I believe that the fashion world is moving too fast forwards and in the wrong direction. We live in a throwaway society, which is not sustainable. We must begin to question the way we live. Sometimes I feel it’s hopeless, our society. And sometimes it seems meaningless that I sit and sew clothes that there already is so much of. But I try to create an alternative and an opportunity to something that is more sustainable. I’m trying to change by taking advantage of what already are available through something I’m good at, sewing.
How do you get your ideas to which garments you create?
– It can be very different from garment to garment. Sometimes I find inspiration from people I see in my surroundings and sometimes from my friends. In many cases, I become inspired by the fabric itself and letting it decide what it will be. I improvise a lot until I’ve found a pattern I’m happy with.
How would you describe your personal style?
– My style is pretty simple. But I like to mix patterns and small details and play with different materials and contrasting.
What are your dreams and goals when it comes to your clothing brand?
– There is plenty of dreams and goals. In particular I’d like to develop my clothes and have forms adhered to different body types and have more unisex garments. I do not want to put any restrictions on clothing. It should not be given from the start who will buy the garment. I also have a thought about selling clothes in London but it has to wait right now

Instagram: johanna.metsalo

Availible at ELLUI Salon and webshop



Kristin Løberg & Martina Zbinden are the designers behind the brand Kósmos who found their inspiration for the jewelry of cosmic posters during a visit to NASA and decided to translate these drawings for scientists to something beautiful for everyone to wear.

Can you with four sentences tell us about your brand?
– Honest materials, playful graphics, locally-quality craftsmanship, individual jewelery. The brand Kósmos see the honesty of the materials as an absolute necessity. While we love to experiment with oxidizing and apply a variety of sizes and colors to play around with various graphic expressions, we are still very serious and proud of the quality of each piece of jewelry made by hand in our little studio in Lund.
What inspires you mostly when it comes to the creation of your jewelry?
– We believe our jewelry should be possible to use every day. Our philosophy is to develop simple, elegant and delicate jewelery made from genuine materials. It need not be super feminine, rather androgynous, which emphasizes every beauty and body. The jewelery is ageless Fine units, because of their authentic materials and refined style. The brand is constantly inspired by nordic nature, minimalism and playful graphic shapes.
Describe briefly how the process of creating a jewelry is handled.
– Kósmos OXI is a limited edition, where each piece of material such as aluminum, brass and copper are introduced to vinegar and bicarbonate cocktails. Through an overnight transformation creates unique colors; from the vibrant hues of azur green, turquoise subtle earthy brown and purple. The aim was to retain a portion of the noble metal visible to show materials of different qualities. Each ring is oxidized and then polished down to create unique colors and textures. Because it is an organic process, each ring differ slightly.
What are your dreams and goals with Kósmos?
– It’s been a really fun first half of a year. We’ve been playing around and enjoying all the energy that comes our way. Our latest creations are the exotic Kósmos OXI. They have made many very excited, something that inspires us most of all! But we are only two girls in our little studio where we manufacture our own packaging and exporting everything in-house. We really think it’s important to maintain a family atmosphere. Our friendship means everything, but with time we may expand the new collections in larger productions, handmade by new employees. We see ourselves as daring and young people, so we just say like Kósmos philosophy “sky’s the limit!”


Stockholm Fashion Week – Details

Photo: Oscar Jettman
Photo: Oscar Jettman

Advanced style

Sometimes we all need to see something inspiring and liberating to get everyday life to shine a little extra. This video that is taken from the documentary Advanced Style (2014) shows seven different women from New York who do not let age or other norms decide how they should look. Now that the Stockholm Fashion Week is in full swing, we at ELLUI want to lift the colorful and curious women.