Jewelry without compromises

@ ELLUI | Magasin | March 2016


ELLUI are happy to re-introduce Sarah Winther in the shop. We have been looking forward to her new jewelry that are now made in recycled and fair trade materials. We asked what was the thoughts behind the decision?
The extraction of silver is very polluting and can have dire consequences for the workers working on a conventional site. The last year I have therefore worked towards a more conscious production in my choice of materials and chemicals. All Sarah Winther jewellery are now made in recycled sterling silver and the gold-plating is done with recycled gold, to impact the environment as little as possible without compromising the safety of the people refining the metals.
I believe it is possible to create and buy beautiful objects without compromising ones values. My choice of materials is my way of doing just that.I hope my choices will inspire others to a more conscious consumption.