Lil blue fish of lille

Magasin | Magazine | December 2015


From London to Paris has Debbie Boon-Allard created her jewelry brand with her own techniques and inspiration from nature and gemstones. She wants to keep it small and qualitative instead of being drawn into mass production. ELLUI is the first ones in Sweden to introduce Lil blue fish of Lille.

You can with four sentences tell us about your design?
– I would describe my brand as serendipity because it began as a miracle and various intuitive techniques that I put together. My brand or products tell alot about my inner state of happiness, “Etre Heureux comme un poisson dans l`eau-“, it feels right and it attracts the right people. It is a brainchild of London`s oldest handcraft market, so I do not attempt to change the brand into mass production. It was only three sentences, but I think it says a lot about my design.
What’s the story behind that little special name The Lil` Blue fish of Lille?
– It is a mix of serendipity and a fun play of english words. A 10 year old boy from Lille (whom i married 20 years later) found a cute little blue Lapis Fish bead but never got to fix it on his chain.That was my first assignment before my self taught jewellery adventure began. For the first 3 months i was getting busy with sales at the London Portobello market without a brand name. Then one day came a very special occurence, a little boy with his aunt on his trip to London, bought his first present for his mom from my stall. He is the perfect imagination of that same boy who bought the blue fish 20 years ago. I couldnt believe with my ears; that this boy,at that time was exactly 10 years old and also comes from Lille! So Lil` blue fish of Lille it was.
What would you say was your biggest inspiration for your latest collection?
– The biggest inspiration for my latest collection is the dancing leaves of an Indian summer in October. I have my workbench by the window with alot of sunlight beaming through the mornings.The leaves where dancing so gently so I had to create the most natural form of leaf to focus the beauty of gemstones.
What is a perfect day according to you?
– A perfect day is when the sun is shining on my face while I’m creating something. It is always the assurance that I’m doing something right. So yes, a sunny day or when I’m not a workaholic a day out with my husband.
What are your goals and dreams for your design?
– My dreams and goals, hmm let me think. I am happy that I am already in a way living my dream by having customers from all over the world that when they buy my product in London will bring a memory of me to take home. So the goal is to continue to invent timeless design that can be enjoyed in many parts of the world.

Lil blue fish of Lille is available at ELLUI Salon