Minimalism, classicism and Nordic design

Magasin | Magazine | September 2015

Stockholm guys Erik Paulsson, Johan Lidstrom and Johan Paulsson are the names behind the newly founded watch brand ALTONA. Having grown tired of not finding a watch in their taste at an affordable price, they took matters into their own hands and created their dream watches on their own.

Can you with four sentences tell us about ALTONA?
– We who founded ALTONA are all very interested in watches and was recently tired of not being able to find a sleek and stylish quality watch at an affordable price. So we took matters into our own hands and started our own watch brand in which minimalism, classicism and Nordic design has become the foundation of our style concept. Although the clocks in our first collection is only 8 mm thick, they are also robust thanks to the case of stainless steel and sapphire glass. It also means that our watches are adapted to be carried to all the day’s activities whether you are in a deckchair on the beach, is on the way to work or standing in the bar at 02.
What is the story behind the name? What does ALTONA means?
– In Vasastan in Stockholm during the 1700s and 1800s was a classic inn named Altona that for example Bellman used to visit regularly. The inn was just in the border region at Stockholm and was frequented by travelers who traveled in and out of the city – so it was a lively place with an abundance of different types of visitors. Unfortunately, the inn has been demolished since about 100 years ago but the history of the place made us choose the same name and therefore its still in some extent lives. In our opinion, it is an incredibly beautiful name that also is extremely good in your mouth when you pronounce it! Our office is also quite right at the site of the old inn, which enhances the feeling.
The watch industry seems like a tough industry to break into. How where you thinking when you decided to start designing watches?
– We had been thinking about this a long time and finally decided to take the step because we thought we could bring something new and good. Competition is always present but it’s not really something that we feel constrained by. We do what we think looks good, what feels right and what we think our customers will like.
How does the future look like? Is there a desire to develop more collections?
– We are very satisfied with our current watch models but of course we have a lot of ideas about other types of designs and visual expression. At the current time, we have a number of ideas that we believe will bear fruit in the not too distant future.
Where would you say that the main inspiration comes from?
– A lot comes from our environment and from the places we have visited. Especially Stockholm with its architecture and proximity to the water; the often harsh but beautiful Nordic landscape and climate; and also different urbane people with colorful personalities that we have meet in our lives.
Who is a typical ALTONA customer, would you say? Who should wear your watches?
– An open and curious person who prefer a timeless, clean and minimalistic clock.

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