A week with Mikaela Höök

A week with... | ELLE | Streetstyle | August 2015


All rounder Mikaela Lindholm Höök like to mix her style by her mood and do not want to be limited by trends. Her interest in fashion and design affects the choice of cities she will visit and reflects her curious side.

How would you describe your style?
– There is a vast mixture usually selected through today’s mood. One day, I love to be a 90’s kid through and through, while the next day I drive a more minimalist style, and the third day, especially in the summer, I love to go more to the bohemian side. Like not having to put in any sort of clothing bins and stick to it, love to experiment with new clothes and make something unique out of it. But when I like best is it enough when I go all in with a few sporty 90’s clothing from some nice vintage shop.
What would you say that fashion means to you?
– Fashion for me is not what is inside right now, it is something that you create and which will be unique to yourself. There is so much more than just a piece of clothing or outfit. It’s a way to show who you are, a way to convey a feeling and not least a way to show what you’re made of.
What would you say are your three favorites in your closet right now?
– My new leather jacket with fringe from River Island loves lashes and always goes home. My wide black trousers from Bik Bok, always works, if you are on the sofa, to be at work or out dancing. Biggest favorite is my Tits top which I designed myself, the tits are cozy and because you can not walk around naked on the town, you can have it on and atleast pretend.
What makes a perfect Saturday for you?
– Sleep-than though I wish I could say that I was one of those who went out and ran at 6 am, quiet cozy breakfast with my sweetheart (who live in Norway so we have time to type never seen), may stroll around hand in hand on the town and grab a coffee. Then the rest of the evening barbecue in a park with a bunch of lovely friends, playing guitar (not me, then I completely lack musical characteristics) until you can not sit out longer and then go in and dance away on some lovely patio.
What city in the world would you most like to visit?
– I’ve never been to New York and as a designer and fashion lovers it is a must for me. Would there and meet all the different cultures mixed in the same place. I want to experience the ultimate urban life, fly helicopters over the city, gather to me all the inspiration I can be of various people and street style: one and take lots and lots of pictures.
What are your three most played songs right now?
– It is a mixture of Future People with Alabama Shakes, No Type of Rae Stremmurd and Millionaire by Kelis feat Andre 3000. A mix just like me.
Do you have a style icon?
– Miley Cyrus- Queen M. Love that she is doing her very own thing, himself and no other, is girl power that is sufficient for many, and her style is raw.

Instagram: @mikaelahook
Blog: www.itgirls.se/mikaelahook1

Photo: Oscar Jettman
Mickey Mouse set – Bik Bok // Shoes – Y-R-U.com // Backpack – Mikaela Höök // Sunglasses – Elsa Ekman for Bik Bok
Photo: Oscar Jettman
Pants – Urban Outfitters vintage // Socks – American Apparel // Tits Top – Mikaela Höök // Sunglasses – Lindex // Shoes -Topshop
Photo: Oscar Jettman
Top – Bik Bok // Shorts – Bik Bok // Leather jacket – Second hand // Socks – Bik Bok // Shoes -Jeffrey Campbell // Tattoo choker – Gina Tricot
Photo: Oscar Jettman
Top – Bik Bok // Shorts – Monki // Shoes – Ebay // Hat – Weekday // Sunglasses – H&M // Necklace – Bik Bok // Bag – Kappahl
Photo: Oscar Jettman
Top – Mikaela Höök // Pants – Bik Bok // Shoes – Topshop // Jacket – Primark