The perfect hair – step by step

Hair | Magazine | May 2014

Do you spend time and money on going to the hairdresser? Or do not you put down that much money and time at all but wish your hair was finer and more easily to style? Many times we take shortcuts in our daily lives and most severely affected are often the hair. As a hairdresser you often meet clients who put much money on a nice haircut and color, but do not understand the importance of good products once you will take care of it at home. Likewise, we all have a friend who complains about her hair but still does not go to the hairdresser, who occasionally cuts herself and throw in a cheap color full of bad metals and chemicals in the hair.
To overcome all mistakes that can happen, ELLUI’s hairdresser and fashion stylist Kate Lee have made an 7-step guide that gives you tips and knowledge towards a more beautiful and healthier hair.

1. Wash it right
Do not shampoo earlier than every third day and make it 2-3 times once doing it. Water dries out your hair and by going from every second to third day you’ll save 60 washes per year. Kérastase has a wide range of highly developed products adapted to all qualities and scalps . Do you wash every third day and apply a coin amou per wash the product will last for at least six months.

2. Boost with cermider
Cermider is a molecule that enters hair like cement and pieces together broken hair. Shu Uemuras  Ultimate Remedy Mask is a true cermid boost. It lasts up to five washes and leaves a stronger hair than you can imagine. Leave in for 5 minutes on towel-dried hair. No conditioner is needed after use.

3. Go smooth with oil
Shu Uemuras hair oil Essence Absolute Oil come in oil and cream form. Cream is recommended for extra dry hair. It contains cermider, goes deep into the hair and leaves no greasy surface. Apply to damp hair but also in dry ends between washes.

4. Stay away from tangles
If you have a long hair, it is important to comb it properly, morning and evening. Sleep with a braid  so your hair do not chafe around the bedclothes at night. To reduce the risk to comb it violently we recommend ghd detangling comb.

5. Stop snag it
Do you put your hair up often? Then the hair bands from Blax is something for you. They are “snag- free”, which means that they do not rub the hair.

6. Longlasting ang gentle styling
Do you like to style your hair? Then a ghd styler is something for you. Straight, wavy or curly –  it gives your hair a lasting result thanks to a built-in microchip that holds a steady temperature of 185 degrees. If higher than 204 degrees, you burn the outer layer and your hair gets a direct damage. Temperature lower than 185 does not give a long lasting results. Be sure to use heat protection. Curl Hold from ghd delivers incredible lasting curls.

7. Sun block
If you spend time outdoors in strong sunlight, the hair will be damaged and color fading lighter. With the help of Kérastase Soleil series, you get a direct UV protection for your hair. The product aqua-seal is water resistant and ideal for those who love to swim.