In the middle of the forehead

Hair | Magazine | March 2014
Mariam Adam, 24, shares her thoughts about her bangs, hairdresser horror and top tips for sustainable styling


After a look at your Instagram, @mariamsamsam, we have seen cool and inspiring pictures of your bangs. Where do you get your hair inspiration from?
– On Tumblr. There I can sit for hours and surf. This is where I find the inspiration for the most part, both in clothing and beauty .
Your bangs are dyed in various shades of purple. What have you used to color?
– I’ve been using Revlon Nutri Color Creme in Burgundy with White platinum but also Directions in Lilac with White Toner. Directions colors are my favorites, they are easy to work with and I have never been disappointed with the results.
What are your favorite colors?
– Purple and black.
Where you go for a haircut?
– I went to a hairdresser the first time to bleach and cut my bang triangular so that I could get a good base. Then I cut and dyed it myself. Once you’ve taken the plunge, it is not so scary anymore.
How does your bang looks like in future?
– Right now, it’s blonde, just like the rest of my hair.
How do you style your hair and bang? What products do you use?
– A good blow dryer and round brush are my best friends when it comes bangs. Heat protection and hairspray is the best products for the bangs to stay in the right place.
To all those who sit at home and like bangs , but not dare to cut one – do you have any tips you ‘d like to share ?
– Do you feel the impulse – do it! If you can’t decide there will often be too much pressure and decision anxiety. My personal mantra is that the hair always grows back. From having a hairdresser horror it has helped me to take a distance. If you do not like the results, well then you know. Do not let fear hold you back, it is after all just a little hair.
If you cut yourself with a hairdresser, make sure it is someone you trust and feel comfortable with . Go with your gut. If it feels wrong during your consultation, you have no obligation to sit in the chair and implement cutting. I regret the times I’ve been there though it felt all wrong. If I have good chemistry and feel safe with the hairdresser, the greater is the chance that I will be satisfied.
When it comes to hair and style, who inspires you?
– I am a real cameleont in terms of style and inspiration, and it is often lots of things at once. Right now I’m very inspired by Thierry Mugler’s collections from the 90’s, Prince, Cyber ​​Grunge, Soft Ghetto and Mexican gang culture.