The product for dry and static hair

Hair | Magazine | January 2014

The cold of winter dries out hair, lips and skin. But with a good hair oil, you easily get back a strong and healthy hair.

The skin is peeling. The lips crack. The hair feels static and difficult to style. Once winter has arrived it’s time to take care some more. Therefore we would like to remind you of using hair oil the next time you are applying lip balm or body lotion.
Which of all oils should you use then? We would like to recommend Elixir Ultime from Kérastase. It is, in addition to a product of high quality, appointed as one of this year’s favorite products during ELLE Awards 2014. It is suitable for all hair types and it goes easy in to the hair no matter if your hair is thick or fine, curly or straight.
Thanks to the ability to pump out the product you don’t risk to overdose. Depending on hair length, apply 1-4 pumps in damp, freshly washed hair. When it’s wet, hair is more open and the oil will go deeper in than if it is applied to dry hair. Depending on how often you wash your hair and how dry it is, you can decide whether to apply once or twice between washes.
What then is the difference between oil and oil, and oil and silicone drops? A good oil is not too oily and goes easily and smoothly into the depth of the hair. It is free of silicones, whose sole purpose is to make the hair look shiny at the same time as it settles like a plasticky and drying film outside. The oil on the other hand leaves the hair with a natural look, as long as you do not overdose. It strengthens the cuticle and makes the hair stronger. A strong hair lives longer and are not as easily broken.

Right now you can find the product here for 30€ . Ord. price is 40€.