Hairstyle guide- Skinhead

Hair | Magazine | November 2013

The subculture of skinheads is an extension of the Mods and the Jamaican culture Rude boys who emerged in the 60’s .

It is one of the few youth cultures that have a multi-ethnic background. Main characteristic of a skinhead is the shaved or close-cropped head. The style is hard exaggerated markers that refer to the British working class . Skinheads, which was originally a non-political subculture developed into both left wing followers called Sharp but also supporters of the National Democratic branches. But still today lives the apolitical branch of the subculture. The close-cropped skull derives also from the English working class since many of the workers worked in the steel industry and therefore shaved off their hair to not get caught in the machines. When a shaved or cropped cut is the male skin main characteristic, some female skins have a hairstyle called “Chelsea ” or ” feathercut ” . In the early skinhead culture skin girls had a mod inspired hairstyle but that later also developed in these two models. This hairstyle involves a cropped-cut scalp where hair remains as the fringe, in the neck and over the ears.

Photo: Picture 1,2,4: PSICO--MOD Wikimedia Commons, Picture 3: nicksarebi Wikimedia Commons